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Sizing Guide - Extreme Range

Extreme Backpack Jackets

Back length 48cm 52cm 56.5cm 60cm
Sleeve length 30cm 32.5cm 35cm 40cm
Approx age 2-3+yrs 3-4+yrs 4-6+yrs 5-8+yrs

Extreme Thermolined Pants

Inside leg length  32cm   34cm 41.5cm 47cm
Length (waist-bottom leg) 52cm 59cm 68cm 77cm
Approx age 2-3+yrs 3-4+yrs 4-6+yrs 6-8+yrs

Extreme Splashsuit

Inside leg length 27cm 32cm
Body length (shoulder-crotch 43cm 50cm
Approx age 8-18mths 1-2.5yrs

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