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Welcome to Puddle Jumpers

Outdoor Clothing for Kids

We believe that the best fun is found outside where kids are free to explore and discover all that nature has to offer. Our passion is to make outdoor gear that is practical, comfortable and keeps kids warm, dry and clean-ish in all weather.

Designed for big play and small laundry piles, Puddle Jumpers’ gear is designed and tested on the wild and very wet West Coast so you can be sure that it will stand up to the elements.

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Overbootie cuteness! 

These booties are fleece lined and are great for bridging that gap when children become mobile and want to explore outside but cannot yet navigate gumboots. They can be worn over soft soled shoes or socks and have an adjustable elastic top that comes right up to the knee to make sure they stay on.
🌈Lab dips - all of the Puddle Jumpers fabric is custom woven and dyed to the colours we specify. When we want to include a new colour in our range, our supplier will dye a tiny piece of fabric in the lab (hence the name lab dip) for our approval before dying the bulk fabric.

I am in the process of staring at colour swatches deciding what colours to get lab dipped. Are there any colours you are desperate to see added to our 2022 overalls range?❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
The Cosy Toes socks are now live on our website. 

We're big fans of Cosy Toes in our house - these socks have merino for warmth 🐏, nylon for durability 💪and elastane for comfort☁️. They fit so nicely and don't have those annoying diggy-inny tops that cut in to little legs 👍
🤗I have had a busy morning counting socks! New
stock from Cosy Toes is here and I have ordered more colours AND added in size 13-3 (because bigger kids need to have Cosy Toes too). I will be getting these all up on my site for you today 🧦 

Clare 😊
And just like that, term 1 is finished! 
What exciting adventures has everyone got planned for the holidays?
Lightweight Overpants + Fleece Lined Jacket in Avocado/Navy 👌
You guys have been loving this colour this season - it looks so smart on and keeps them warm and dry so its a win-win for everyone!
There is so much fun to be had in the autumn leaves! 🍂🍁
Our Splashsuits are perfect for itty bitty explorers. Not only is the fabric waterproof but the seams are taped so water cannot seep through the seams if they are crawling on wet grass, sitting in puddles or whatever other messes they manage to find.

The Dryshell Splashsuits have a taffeta lining and the Thermo Splashsuits have a lightweight fleece lining giving you options to cover all temperatures.
❄️Get sorted for the cooling temperatures with 25% off (excludes sale items).

🌈Enter the code "easter25" to apply the discount.

🌞Promotion ends April 9th.
We will be busy making our way South for the Wanaka Show this week so will dispatch all orders received on March 15th.
🤗We are super excited to be exhibiting at the Wanaka A&P Show again this year. We're in the same place as last time (site U9) and would love to see you!
I have spent the day knee-high in boxes checking and counting stock and our much loved Navy Splashsuits are now back online! 

💧 Waterproof
💧 Seam Sealed
💧 Fully Lined
💧 Double layer on knees
💧 Designed for big play and small mess!

To celebrate, enter "splashsuit" at checkout for a 15% discount on Splashsuits.

Offer ends 8 February 2021.
Being winter, the Wetsuits and Rash Tops completely dropped off my radar and I forgot to upload them on to my new site. We've had a very mild winter so far and both my kids were in their wetsuits, playing with the hose earlier this week (yes, they're a little bit crazy), so for everyone else that has crazy kids like mine, they're now on the website.

The wetsuit is getting very low in stock in some sizes (and is sold out in size 2). I won't be re-ordering these so what is on the site is everything I have.
We've teamed up with some awesome wee kiwi businesses and have got a $75 voucher up for grabs.

To enter, head on over to @raising_her_barefoot and follow the instructions under the "Childrens Giveaway".

Amazing prizes from:

Good luck everyone.
Splashsuits and Overbooties have been the pick of the week for you guys. When I get a string of people all ordering the same items, I often wonder if someone has recommended us somewhere on social media. If this is the case, then I thank whoever it was. ❤️
This is COMPLETELY stating the obvious but I rebranded this season. I had intended to do a big announcement when I first started using the new logo but well, it's 2020, and we all know that nothing really goes to plan in 2020. 🙈 And then a few months passed and I still hadn't announced it and it just felt weird making a big song and dance about something that happened a few months ago!

So instead, lets make a song and dance about my new website which went live last night! 🎆 I'm lucky enough to have an awesome web team that did all the hard yards building it and doing the nitty gritty stuff while I stuck to loading products and adding pictures and I'm stoked to say that it's come together nicely and is looking and (most importantly) performing great. Hope you guys like it.

Clare 😊

website link in bio
🧠As much as I love having a break from the morning rush over the school holidays, my work productivity takes a great big plummet. I'm looking forward to school going back so I can use my brain for "adult work" instead of "parenting work" again. I think my body is about 95% coffee right now.

💡I'm constantly thinking of new things I could add to the Puddle Jumpers range and at any given moment I have approximately 9,285,624 different ideas running around in my head. I'd love to hear from you guys - anything you would love to see in the range? It could be more sizes, different colours, different products..... Anything! 

Clare 😊
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