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Puddle Jumpers FAQs

Are your products waterproof?

Please refer to our fabric specifications page but yes is a quick answer, when worn correctly. The differernt ranges vary in the level of 'waterproof-ness' so we will have just what you need. Please be careful of cheaper products... they may be PVC (yikes! we won't go near PVC as its not safe for kids) or less waterproof than ours. We are very strict on the materials and manufacturing of our gear and parents who have had Puddle Jumpers for years and years will vouch for that! 

Can they be worn in the snow?

Yes. Puddle Jumpers Originals and Extreme garments can be worn with thermal underwear or clothing underneath or the microfleece lined garments can be worn alone, our Extreme range is specifically designed for snow play and skiing.

How do I clean Puddle Jumpers?

Our garments are machine washable, but you should avoid strong detergents and frequent washing as the waterproof qualities of the fabrics can break down over time. If they are muddy you should simply let the mud dry and shake it off. If they do need re water proofing I recommend you use Nikwax Spray On - works wonders on grown up gear too and is very easy to use! Available at good sports shops.

Should I purchase a size larger so my child can grow into it?

Please don't! Our products are generously sized and are designed to fit your child for around 2 years if not more, you should check the sizing guide and buy the size we recommend. Kids hate being in big, baggy clothing and you'll find they just trip over!

I have found a really great product on your website but how do I buy?

You can buy Puddle Jumpers clothing on this website. Payment can be may via credit or debit card through our DPS secure payment gateway or via a bank transfer or PayPal. We can also send overseas and gift wrap - contact us directly on

What if I want a different size or colour once I receive my order?

No problem - just contact us with the changes and post them back with a return form - we will make the changes as long as we have the stock. 

Should I go for the Extreme or Original Jacket?

This really is personal choice but if you plan on being in the rain a lot or up the mountain the Extreme would suit better. The Extreme Backpack Jacket is also great for warmer climates that have showers and wind but you may not need the fleece lining warmth of the Original Range Jacket. The Orignal Jacket is a great all purpose jacket that can be worn to Kindy, on the farm, at the park or for a Fluffy! 

Can I pay with AMEX or Diners cards?

No sorry but we can take VISA or Mastercard plus bank transfer and PayPal

Can you supply in bulk to our Early Childhood Centre?

Yes! We offer a 30% dscount off the RRP for orders of 10+ sets.We've supplied numerous ECE centres around New Zealand and the world and love hearing how great our products are for getting kids outside in all seasons!  Email for more information or recommendations on the best options.


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